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"When you feel good into clothing, anything can happen. A good clothing, is a passport to happiness"

Yves Saint-Laurent


    Imagine the comfort of a soft jacket with a narrow and delicate shoulder, easy and near the body, with a olive form sleevehead, allowing movement.

    Wish for sophistication of a fine fabric jacket, totally full canvas for refinement and delicacy...

    Dream about the lightness of a suit and shirt, especially tailored for you by Maison Scavini.


I      |     Italian Made to measure


"I told my friend how it is necessary to build a wall around itself, using clothing"

Michel Leiris, L'âge d'homme, 1939


    Only in Italy that one can find a small workshop offering the finest quality possible! Sartena in northern Italy is one of them. This manufacturing meets the highest criteria of suit tailoring.


    This mastery of tradition can satisfy demanding customers, with option like 'spalla camicia' shoulder or high-waisted trousers with double pleat.


    Enjoy the delights of a beautiful Italian clothing and discover what the verb dress meansHand manufacturing gives flexibility and unrivaled lightness.


Two pieces suit, within a period of 6 weeks**, starting from €1600. Price range.

Luxury fabric from Holland & Sherry, Drapers, Caccioppoli, Bateman Ogden, Dormeuil etc...




II     |     Second line Made to measure


"Luxury, this is not the opposite of poverty but of vulgarity"

 Coco Chanel

     From a recent development of an east-europe supplier, this allows us to offer a high quality product at a more attractive price. The specification is similar to the Italian manufacturing (full canvas, hand made finishes, high quality trousers, etc...)


     This workshop offers a rarely seen level of finishing at that price. It is thus possible to make suit for work or jacket for the weekend at budget price in a sustainable quality.


    Aspire the realization of good quality suit, at a similar cost to your ready-to-wear !

Two pieces suit, within a period of 6 weeks**, starting from €875. Price range.

Fabric from Vitale Barberis, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Gorina etc...





III    |      Made to measure shirt


"A beautiful garment, it is an idea floating around a man"

Tailleur Chevreuil, 1854


    The shirt is an essential complement to the jacket. This is perhaps the most important garment of modern times. The choice of color or pattern is crucial to the harmony of an outfit.


     The shirt will be to your measurements and your taste. The choice of collars and cuffs is extensive: classic, cut-away or full spread, buttoned, round neck etc...


     Complete your experience with Scavini by ordering a shirt with attention to detail: tiny seams, hand-crafted sleeves, armhole shifted seam and initials embroidered by hand!


Shirt, with all options, embroidered by hand with mother of pearl button, starting from €200.   



IV   |      Wedding


Marriage is an important moment. The clothing is equally !

At Scavini, we take the time of the accompaniment. Taking required appointments lets think calmly in the privacy lounge.

A special outfit or suit easier to re-use? we advise you.

A short first meeting  helps to identify the idea, depending on location, season or theme. Two piece or three pieces suit, with a simple waistcoat or a fancy one, the options are clearly stated.

The second meeting starts the production of a suit. Following the same procedure described above, Italian Made to measure or second line.

Special wedding offer : the made to measure shirt for € 140, in a white cotton, double ply yarn, opaque and soft. Collar, cuffs and embroidered initials choice!


Usually the wedding budget varies between € 875 and € 1,400 depending on options... 



V    |      Accessories

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

Oscar Wilde

    Complete your elegance with a beautiful 7 folds tie, exclusively made in Italy for Scavini, on a selection of silk or wool. Knitted, ancient madder, paisley, repp, selection is varied. Some are unlined, a real tie scarf.

   A beautiful collection of 30x30 or 40x40 pocket square, entirely hand Rolled await you. From the simple model in white linen to the more colorful printed silks, there's necessarily one for you.

    Oscar Wilde also said that trousers are worn by the shoulders. The suspenders are made for! Faux-silk, plain, striped or spotted in a preppy style, they are always finished with a leather tab.


7 folds tie : €100.    Hand made pocket square : €30.     Suspenders : €90.



 VI   |      The blog                                                                                                                                    VII     |         Contact

"Dressing is a way of life"

Yves Saint-Laurent


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Julien Scavini is also the author of ModeMen Marabout Edition.


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